The Hepolite

The Hepolite is a three board, rapid play competition with teams taking part in a five round swiss tournament. Games are played at a quicker time control of 30 minutes per player, and each match consists of two games; one as white and one as black.

Team Venue
Bradford 165 Latvian Club
Bingley Bees A Bingley Baptist Church
South Bradford A Field Sports & Social Club
Bradford Spitfires Latvian Club
Ilkley A Methodist Church Hall
Bradford Wanderers Latvian Club
Ilkley B Methodist Church Hall
Bingley Bees B Bingley Baptist Church
South Bradford B Field Sports & Social Club
Shipley A Owlett Hall
Ilkley C Methodist Church Hall
College West Bradford Bowling Club
J.C.H. Legion To Be Confirmed
Undercliffe A Upper Bolton Conservative Club
Shipley B Owlett Hall
Bradford University To Be Confirmed
Undercliffe C Upper Bolton Conservative Club
Central Laners To Be Confirmed
Central Darkhorses To Be Confirmed
Bradford 165 Ilkley C
Bingley Bees A College
South Bradford A J.C.H. Legion
Bradford Spitfires Undercliffe A
Ilkley A Shipley B
Bradford Wanderers Bradford University
Ilkley B Undercliffe C
Bingley Bees B Central Laners
South Bradford B Central Darkhorses
Shipley A Bye