Round 2: 3rd July 2018

Peter Rooney v Werner Rieser

Chris Bak v Bill Tait

Dave Barlow v Phil Watson

Mike Bramson v Mark Crowther

Mike  Walker v Richard Porter

Karim Khan v Andy Bak

Paul Budahazi v Dave Young

Chris Wright v Simon Jones

Sam Scurfield v John Brooke

Andy Walker v Ian Jewsbury

Paul Kadzionis v Derek Ludlam

Paul Solomons Half Point Bye

Barry Thompson Half Point Bye

If anyone is wanting to rearrange due to England's match on Tuesday, don't hesitate to get in touch. Karim


Round 1: Results

Phil Watson 1-0 Sam Scurfield
Ian Jewsbury 0-1 Peter Rooney
Mark Crowther 1-0 John Brooke
Derek Ludlam 0-1 Chris Bak
Andrew Bak 1-0 Paul Kadzionis
Andy Walker 0-1 Dave Barlow
Werner Rieser 1-0 Chris Wright
Richard Porter 1-0 Simon Jones
Dave Young 0.5-0.5 Paul Solomons
Bill Tait 1-0 Barry Thompson
Mike Bramson - 0.5pt Bye
Paul Budahazi - 1pt Bye

If you want to enter the tournament in Round 2, please let Karim Khan know ASAP.

Entries are invited for the Bob Burns Tournament

The dates of the tournament are

(Venue Latvian Club, Clifton Villas)

Round 1: 19th June 2018

Round 2: 3rd July 2018

Round 3: 17th July 2018

Round 4: 31st July 2018

Round 5: 14th August 2018

Please send your entry to Karim Khan