Website Editor Required

Hi all,

At the forthcoming A.G.M. i will be stepping down as website editor for the BDCA site. Obviously we are therfore looking for someone(or a couple of people) to take on this role.

In general it only takes 1-2 hours a week to keep up with the site

No coding is needed

If you would be interested and like more infomation then please contact me at

Thank you.

Keith Marsh

Current standings:


Tim Hilton 9.5/10 95% 
Dave Patrick 10/11 90.91%
Ed Hurwitz 8/9 88.89%
Robert Dean 8.5/10 85%
Mike Round and Clive Davies 9/11 81.82%
Andrew Bland 6.5/8 81.25% 
Andrew Bak, Chris Bak, Roger Jennings 8.5/11 77.27%
Stephen Burton, Phillip Shaw 7.5/10 75%

Webster Trophy
Anna Szasz 4/6 66.67%
Zach Cansdale 3/7 42.86%

Andrew Bak 15
Lee Crawford 14
Phil Watson, Chris Edwards 13
Peter Rooney, Keith Marsh, Karim Khan 12
David Adam, David Barlow 11.5
Chris Bak 11

Please remember that for the Totty you need to have played in 75% of all league fixtures. Webster Trophy eligibility is 50%.