Totty, Cocking and John Smith Trophy

Totty Trophy won By Daniel Hubbort with 12 1/2 out of 14

Cocking Trophy won by Ihor Lewyk with 12 out of 14

John Smith Trophy won by Paul Solomons with 8 1/2 out of 10

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Match Reports:

Below you will find the match reports for some of the games this season. To see the report just click on the match you are interested in. If you wish to send your own report on any match then please send them to me on

College Undergraduates 1 - 5 Keihgley:
Keighley were going up, but was it as champions or as runners up? A glance at the league tables suggested it should be easy but a win by College Undergraduates would be a feather in their cap. Keighley were strengthened towards the end of the season with the welcome return of Alistair Wright who won well on board 1. Richard Zaidman tried to put his time trouble behind him with the purchase of a new digital chess clock which worked so well it left his opponent in time trouble. Danny and Chris won on boards 3 and 6 with veteran Frank Wrigglesworth hammering out a draw on board 5. This left Ian Goater grateful to accept a draw on board 4 whilst 2 pawns down. Thus Keighley ran out 5-1 winners and Division 3 champions completing a successful hard fought season. Any team dropping down to Division 3 thinking it will be a walk over will receive a rude awakening, the standard is improving every year.
Report By Ian Goater

Polish Parish 5 - 1 Undercliffe A:
We got out a pretty superhuman team for the visit of our old rivals, with a couple of Lancastrian mercenaries adding to our grading advantage, which eventually told in our favour.
Report By Phil Watson

Bradford 159 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Ilkley B:
Wow what a tense end to the season. Ilkley B certainly pushed us all the way. It didn’t help when Andy Bak blew up and David Adam took full advantage to put the first score on the board for the visitors. Geoff Smith won a pawn and soon after I heard he had levelled the scores. Glancing at the other boards I could see that Simon had his now customary severe time trouble, Chris held a slight edge in a typical Chris Wright position but still needed care while Richard Archer was showing clear signs of stress. Jimmy Choo, although two pawns down in an ending, was making life very difficult and he was creating very real drawing chances. Chris managed to generate a position and danced through the tactics to win his opponent’s queen. Simon Watson drew with Stuart Johnson soon after which helped to settle the nerves. Richard had a big edge by now and I didn’t think I could lose but we both still had a bit to do to win the match. After giving himself a pep talk, Richard crashed through Will’s stern defence to win the match. I managed to find the winning plan and victory soon followed for me too.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Bradford Spitfires 4 - 2 Legion of the Damned:
Spitfires were on form again, despite the absence of their usual board 1, managing to pull of an impressive victory, securing their place in 6th in division 3, and bringing them level on points with Legion.
Report By Will Lilburn-Quick

Central Darkhorses 2 - 4 Ilkley A:
Ilkley A faced the Darkhorses in a rescheduled match. John battled to a better endgame against Chris in a game where fireworks were possible. Patrick attempted to defend against a greek gift sacrifice by Darren. Mick played the wild latvian which Lee failed to get into the spirit of, ending up pushing for a positional advantage in the endgame. Gabor carried extra pawns into the endgame to bear Mark, Gerard exchanged a queen for two rooks but exposed a fatally weak kingside for Richard and Colm pressed for victory against Mitchell. Every game was a fight, lkley are just glad to be on the right side of it!
Report By Lee Crawford

Tough match with Darkhorses galloping into a 2-0 lead with wins from Darren Bedford & John Holliday... Lee Crawford wisely declined the draw offer from Mick Overend which would have surely seen a draw between M Mitchell Burke & Colm Barry - which looked dead drawn. As it turned out, everybody had to play to win & Ilkley came away with the victory. Only a huge improbability will now save Darkhorses from the drop...
Report By John Holliday

Polish Parish 4 - 2 Undercliffe B:
Probably the second place decider - it went the way of Polish after we went 3-0 up at one stage. I can't give any details of the other games as I was once again fighting for my life against Roger Jennings; this time I succeeded in saving myself.
Report By Phil Watson

Undercliffe A 4- 2 Ilkley A:
Ilkley A could only field a weakened team against a full strength Undercliffe A side. Ilkley's bottom two boards put up really good fights despite being heavily outgraded; Graeme Hall looked to have the upper hand against Les Tatar but then got caught out. Chris Woodthorpe had a second enemy in the clock. Gabor Batonyi and Tony Slinger agreed a draw in a highly complicated position which turned out after analysis to show better chances for black. Lee Crawford and Mike Bramson exchanged down to an opposite bishop endgame. Mark Priest eventually won a piece from Gerard Killoran, whilst Colm Barry managed to turn the screws against Mike Walker to gain the only victory for Ilkley side.
Report By Lee Crawford

Undercliffe C 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 Ilkley C:
John Seppings missed a clear chance to win a critical pawn and quickly agreed a draw. Robin browne was always in charge on board 2. Board 3 and 4 both had material and positional advantage from the middle game but had to work hard for a positive result. I cannot comment on Board 5 and 6 matches.
Report By Peter Ward

Bradford Spitfires 4 - 2 Bradford Destroyers:
Spitfires, who have been under performing all season, managed to get a full team out and the result was a surprise victory. Of particular note was Henri Pascal on board 6 who came back from a bishop down for most of the game to get a well deserved draw.
Report By Will Lilburn-Quick

Ilkley C 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 Shpiley:
J. Seppings let slip an advantage and agreed a draw. Boards 2 and 3 both lost following mis anaylsed attacks and board 4 lost in time in an even position. Only R. Allen saved the team from near complete disaster in this important relegation battle. No information on board 6.
Report By Peter Ward

Legion of the Damned 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Bingley Bees B:
Craig Thompson 1 v 0 M Smith (Big game)
Graham Sutcliffe 0 v 1 J Kubisa (Should have been a draw but Graham missed pressing his clock in time trouble)
Keith Marsh 1/2 v 1/2 M Czuba (Blocked up like eating a dozen eggs, good result)
Charles W. Wood 1 v 0 Dave Copeland (one pawn was the different in a close battle)
Ian Wood 1 v 0 Julian Toothill (Hard fought but Ian smashed through at the end of the middle game)
James MacIntosh 0 v 1 P Shaw (James just didn't quite work it out the right way round)
A fantastic match with a great bunch of players, sporting and fun at the same time. 2 v 1 to us (if you count the Clough) this year. I think this makes the 3rd Division play offs more interesting. My guys were brilliant, and stepped up when we needed it the most.
Report By Chaz Wood

Bradford 159 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 Polish Parish:
The champions-elect get a reminder about who the big bullies are in this league! If we'd played like this all season, there would be a different name on the trophy...
Report By Phil Watson

Polish Parish inflicted the first league defeat of the season over Bradford 159. Polish also took out Bradford in the Hepolite cup earlier in the season albeit on board count. Peter Sammut Briffa was the beneficiary of some poor time keeping by Simon Watson. Phil Watson hung on to a gambit pawn succesfully, John Milnes created an attack too good for Chris to defend and Pete Rooney tenacioulsy ground out an ending over Richard Archer. Paul Day and Geoff Smith agreed a draw while Mark Crowther and Ihor Lewyk had another hard fought battle with a mad time scramble to finish.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Undercliffe B 3 - 3 Bradford 159:
Bfd 159 held off their closest rivals with a miraculous fight back from a seemingly bleak position. An uncharacteristic early loss from formerly unbeaten David Grant put Bradford on the back foot. The other two unbeaten players in the team Ihor Lewyk and Geoff Smith were also up against it. Geoff didn't make the time control but Ihor managed to get an opposite Bishop ending to gratefully force the draw. Bradford would need at least 2.5 points in the remaining matches to get a result from the match. Chris Wright was in a commanding position and duly won. Simon Watson looked to have the worst of a queen and pawn ending but managed to find a way to keep checking Eddie's King and claim the draw. This left Andy Bak with the seemingly impossible task of winning his game. Although he was the exchange up Roger 's minor pieces and extra pawns seemed to keep Andy at bay. But during the time scramble Andy showed a great determination and kept setting Roger problems and eventually he cracked to earn the draw in the match.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Idle Knights 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Ilkley C:
R. Leach on bd 5 lost an early pawn and his opponent continued the pressure for an early win. Lee Crawford fought hard against Peter shaw but finally his poorly place rooks in the end game were decisive in him failing to hold critical pawns. Both Bd 3 and 6 came out of the openings with even positions which deteriorated following tactical mistakes. R. Allen continued his recent good performances with a sound draw and P Ward opponent's who came out of the opening with a small positional advantage overreached himself and lost two pawns. With both players in severe time trouble Ilkley finally got an irresistible mating threat and the game.
Report By Peter Ward

Polish Parish 3 - 3 Central Darkhorses:
Polish continue to do their best not to challenge for the League title. Great credit to the Darkhorses though, massively outgraded as they were. This may be the result that keeps them up.It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Or horse
Report By Phil Watson

Polish Parish 6 -0 Ilkley B:
Polish take brutal revenge for the self-inflicted disaster at the beginning of the season.
Report By Phil Watson

South Bradford 5 - 1 Ilkley C:
Bd1 lost on time following an unsound attack. Bd 2 drew after his opponent lost the advantage of white bymisplaying the opening. B 3 just lost on time in a very close king pawn end game. Bd 4 arriving late made mistakes when having to make up time. Bd 5 had an equal game until about move20 when his more experienced opponent started to out play him. Bd 6 had some winning chances but a draw was probably a fair result .
Report By Peter Ward

Bradford Destroyers 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Legion of the Damned:
Bradford Destroyers were helped when Legion’s top board could not get back to Bradford after working away. Daniel Hubbort continued his excellent league form winning game number 9 from 10. Werner Rieser won the match when his extra piece was simply too strong. Graham Sutcliffe showed great patience in winning a consolation point for Legion.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Braford 159 3 - 3 Ilkley A:
David Grant enjoyed a quick win and Chris Wright complicated matters to get the better of Robin Brown. Ian Thackray miscalculated and lost instead of winning and the Ilkley fight back was complete as Mark Birkin held a difficult ending a pawn down while John Seppings turned the screw to win a seemingly blocked position.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Polish Parish 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Bingley Bees A:
For the second time this season, Polish beat Bingley A by the narrowest possible margin. Perhaps the decisive board was mine, where Bill Somerset outplayed me in the opening, won a pawn with totally natural moves, and ... ended up much worse. Chess makes no sense.
Report By Phil Watson

Central Laners 3 - 3 Ilkley C:
Could have gone either way!!!!
Report By Les Johnson

Ilkley got off to a good start with an early win on board 4 following an aggressive opening by both players. The advamtage continued to swing in Ilkley's favour with a win by Robin Browne on board 2 following a fatal pawn move by his opponent. The game on board 3 swung initially in favour of Ilkley and then Gonzalez turned the table with a strong attack with rooks and a pawn down the king side which was eventually neutralized and a draw was agreed. Ilkley on Board 6 misplayed a sharp attack from his opponent and resigned. John Sepping on board 1 had the material and positional edge for most of the game but in severe time trouble chose the wrong line as his flag fell. The match then depended on board 5 where both sides missed winning opportunities in a king pawn end game and a draw became inevitable.
Report By Peter Ward

Enigma 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Bradford Spitfires:
A great night of chess played on all the four boards played. Each game was close, and could have gone either way, all going to time control.
Report By Will Lilburn-Quick

Ilkley C 1 - 5 College Graduates:
Graduates played to their comfortable grade advantage and Ilkley's only positive results were on draws on top board and board 5 . Only on board 3 was there a liklihood of another draw until an unforced blunder lost a pawn and the game.
Report By Peter Ward

Ilkley A 4 - 2 Polish Parish:
Even an exotic import on board 4 couldn't save Polish from our second defeat in Ilkley this season.
Report By Phil Watson

Bradford Destroyers 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Bingley Bees B:
Destroyers lost their top board a couple of hours before the match and it wasn't possible to get a reserve brought in. Everyone moved up the order and although played well they were just shaded out by a solid performance from Bingley. Jamie and Daniel was the last game going in a repeat of their Clough encounter before Christmas. They even had the same King and pawn ending but Daniel had learnt his lesson well and this time held the draw.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Bradford 159 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Bingley Bees A:
Bradford 159 remain at the top of the division after an impressive team performance. Simon was the recipient of an early draw offer from Kevin Winter. Geoff Smith took a draw next in an opposite Bishop ending. He could wait and see how other matches panned out before taking the draw. Matthew Parsons bailed out with a perpetual check and Bradford were in command on each of the top three boards. David Grant took a draw when it was obvious Ihor was winning and Andy Bak accepted a draw to settle the match.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Undercliffe A 2 - 4 Bradford 159:
The league leaders managed to win a close match against Undercliffe A. Geoff Smith was a pawn up in a Knight ending against Dave Young but knew how to play it better and won. Dave Grant drew a messy game with Mike Walker. Andy Bak was two pawns down in the opening and Tony Slinger clung on to win. Chris Wright was the recipient of a won piece in a time scramble and won.Simon wasn't making any headway against Mark McGinty and because of his usual time trouble offered Mark a draw. Probably Mark's best ever result.I won a pawn against Mike Bramson then carelessly dropped the exchange. I still tried to make it difficult for him in the ending a draw would have won the match. He struggled to find a winning plan and I turned the tables on him. 4 - 2 against the bottom of the league was pretty flattering.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Ilkley B 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Bradford 159:
Bfd 159 once again had a last minute withdrawal due to work commitments and could not find a replacement. At least I managed to warn Will Boothman so one of their players didn’t have to make an unnecessary journey. Andy Bak took advantage of Jonathan Swallow’s loose Kingside and Simon Watson created a wicked attack to win quickly and put Bradford on the front foot. The remaining 3 games were in the balance. Rupert was a pawn up against Chris Wright and he managed to keep any counter play at bay. Will Boothman lost a pawn in a tricky endgame but despite being a pawn down kept finding tricks to prolong the agony but he ran out of time in the end. Geoff Smith held an edge but offered Stuart Johnson a draw to seal the match.
Report ByIhor Lewyk

Ilkley C 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 South Bradford B:
The result looks a comfortable win for Ilkley but most of the games were hard fought with good chances on both sides particularly on boards 4 where Ilkley blundered in severe time trouble with a certain win only to scramble a draw with only a minute left on the clock, and board 5 where R Allen was material down but contrived a position where his opponent lost his queen.
Report By Peter Ward

Undercliffe B 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Polish Parish:
A very close match, decide by my lucky win on time and Pete Rooney successfully defending the famous K+B v K+R ending.
Report By Phil Watson

Bradford 159 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Central Darkhorses:
A tough match which was as close as the score suggests and was played in tremendous spirit. Geoff Smith gave the home team a good start with a quick win. John Holliday put Simon under pressure and he didn't make enough moves to make the time control. Mitchell Burke seemed to have enough threats of his own to negate those of David Grant and a draw was logical. Richard Bowman continues to be a bogey player for Andrew Bak which gave Central Division a point lead with two games to go. Darren Bedford was a pawn up against Chris Wright but Chris's pieces were more active in compensation. Ihor was facing a tricky endgame against Mark Szymanski, a player he has struggled against in the past. Chris and Ihor both turned down draw offers knowing only two wins would keep 159 at the top of the league. Chris managed to trap Darren's Queen while Ihor found the right plan in a tricky and exciting endgame.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Bradford Destroyers 6 - 0 Bradford Spitfires:
The Spitfires suffered at the hands of their clubmates. Two late withdrawls didn't help matters. On the plus side Lucy made a promising debut against Pat McCauley.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Spitfires go down not even managing to squeeze a point out of Destroyers.
Report By Will Lilburn-Quick

Ilkley C 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Undercliffe C:
John Seppings missed a clear chance to win a critical pawn and quickly agreed a draw. Robin browne was always in charge on board 2. Board 3 and 4 both had material and positional advantage from the middle game but had to work hard for a positive result. I cannot comment on Board 5 and 6 matches.
Report By Peter Ward

Braford Spitfires 1 - 5 Central Outcasts:
Yet again I depleated Spitfires were out played, but fought valiantly on all boards, taking board 1, and having good games on the other boards, but Outcasts strength and experience (and ability to field a full team) was reflected in the result.
Report By Will Lilburn-Quick

Undercliffe C 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 South Bradford B:
Much harder contest than score suggests, Vasyl got revenge over Nick who beat him in the Individuals last week, Paul Budahazi managed to win on time in a very close contest, Paul Kadzionis came back from a piece down against Stephen Brown, good wins for Barry Thompson & Graham Kirk and Ian Jewsbury & Sam Scurfield agreed a draw in another close game.
Report By Paul Kadzionis

Bingley Bees A 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Ilkley A:
Without the services of Gerard Killoran, John Seppings, William Boothman and Gabor Batonyi, Ilkley A were aggregately outgraded by a full-strength Bingley Bees A side playing at home. Nevertheless, the hosts had no cause to count on a victory - let alone by a wide margin - against the defending champions. It thus came as a shock when wins came on boards one, two and six while boards three, four and five held firm with no losses at all. Bill Somerset employed a trusty and faithful Sicilian Defence line against an equally well-prepared Mark Rogerson and ultimately obtained more than adequate compensation in the endgame for the exchange. Carlos Velosa's thorough research of the Queenside Sniper in Owen's Defence was likewise duly rewarded. Olympiad veteran Colm Barry turned down Winston Williams' draw offer to go all out for a win, but overlooked a bishop pseudo-sacrifice in time trouble and found himself on the wrong side of a Lucena Position in the dying minutes of the game.
Report By Winston Williams

Shipley 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 Ilkley C:
Quereshi failed to appear giving Ilkley an important point. Boards 5 and 6 achieved an early material advantage which translated into comfortable victories for Ilkley. A Thompson lost a pawn through a well contrived attack by G. Lazlo followed by a strong attack down the King side which was only repulsed by further material losses and eventually the game. R Allen despite having a strong attack on his opponent's king was thwarted by allowing his king to be checked by repetition . C. Woodthorpe won a critical exchange in the late middle game at the expense of being well behind on time which let to an exciting finish with Chris winning with only a few seconds left on his clock.
Report By Lee Crawford

Polish Parish 2 - 4 Bradford 159:
A strange match, in which every board except board 2 seemed to cycle through all the possible results like a fruit machine, before paying out three cherries to the league leaders.
Report By Phil Watson

Bradford 159 rode their luck to win the top of the table clash against Polish. Pete Rooney droped a clanger in a promising position and David grabbed to opportunity to pub Bradford up early. Phil Watson contolled his advantage well to equalise the points. Mark Crowther was under a lot of pressure but managed to stave off mate and create some counter play. Instead of securing a draw by perpetual he tried to win with Queen and Knight but eventually ran out o checks and cold not stave off mate . John Milnes claimed he had a position a child could win but then failed to do so. He let off all his frustration with a shocking tirade aimed at one of the gentlemen of chess. Paul Day resigned soon after, Ian Thackray was in a commanding position. Simon Watson held on despite a hanging flag to draw. The teams play again as soon as next week in the Hepolite Cup so Polish don't have long to wait for the opportunity to gain revenge.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Bradford Spitfires 4 - 2 College Undergraduates:
Spitfires welcomed Tim Rossell to the team. Tim has attended club nights in the summer but this was the first match he could play. I estimate Tim has a playing strength of over 120 so he should be a useful addition to the team. Will sent message that he was delayed by a late train but sadly didn't make it to the match on time.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Ilkey A 3 - 3 Bradford 159:
Despite being a board up, Ilkley A were made to fight. Gerard and Ihor agreed a short draw, after Ihor had surveyed his team mates' positions. He must have had the gift of foresight as Andrew Bak's game exploded to life after a very long, tense start, ending in mate. David Grant played a decisive and brave sacrifice against Colm Barry to rip open his kingside and push the scores into Bradford's favour. Robin had a strong attack going against Simon which culminated in his flag falling. Finally, Gabor and Chris battled into what looked like a very complicated position. They probably agreed as a draw was the final result..
Report By Lee Crawford

Ilkley C 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 South Bradford A:
J.Sepping accepted a pawn sacrifice and survived serious time trouble to counter attack and win. All the other games were very hard fought with board 4 misplaying a winning opportunity , board 2 making a crucial defensive error when in desperate time trouble and only Board 3 achieving a well fought draw.
Report By Peter Ward

Bingley Bees A 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Polish Parish:
The last game to finish was decisive, after all the higher boards had finished drawn, in a couple of cases (mine and Paul Day's) rather fortunately for Polish. Gary Coulsen showed that two knights and rather nebulous chances against the opposing king were worth more than a rook and two pawns, especially in mutual time trouble. This result means that the five regular Polish players each have a win, a draw and a loss after three matches - you couldn't make it up..
Report By Phil Watson

College Graduates 4 - 2 Ilkley C:
Despite being outgraded Arthur Thompson had drawing chances until late in the end game. Chris Woodthorpe likewise had an even game until a mistake under pressure resulted in loosing his queen and the match. Peter Ward and Richard Allen both had as black to contend with strong white attacks that finally resulted in loss of material and eventually the game. Peter Saunders had a quick victory on board 6 and Barry Taylor won a roller coaster of a game where first Peter Redmond had exchange advantage squandered by a mistake resulting in loss of his queen.
Report By Peter Ward

Bingley Bees B 3- 3 Bradford Destroyers:
Ian Thackray found a neat trick to win his game quickly and was quickly followed by Destroyers captain Pat McCauley. Bingley then managed to stage a remarkable fightback despite being heavily outgraded. Jamie Kubisa kept his cool at the end to win his game to tie the match.
Report By Ihor Lewyk

Bingley Bees A 2 - 4 Bradford 159:
Bill Somerset calculated through the complications in a tricky if unsound opening to give Bees an early lead. Simon Watson won the exchange and left Robert with little counter play and resignation came soon after. Geoff Smith followed the phrase "passed pawns must be pushed" to gain a huge advantage and soon after the game. Darwin left it too late to try and deflect Ihor from his Kingside attack which made it 3-1 to Bradford. It was left to University student David Grant to seal the deal showing nice technique to win a tricky Queen and pawn endgame. Carlos got a consolation point by narrowly winning a classical Rook and Bishop pawn v Rook ending, although perhaps not in the most classical way. But he will learn it for next time!
Report by Ihor Lewyk

Polish Parish 3 1/2 - 2 1/2 Ilkley A:
Ilkley A put out a team missing a few regulars, but managed to put up a fight against a strong polish team. John Seppings pulled off a decisive mating attack against John Milnes, before Peter Rooney equalised with a successful invasion of the 7th rank. Gabor and Mark appeared to have a lively and unbalanced game, with Mark eventually coming through with the advantage. My game against Paul Day ended up with a sacrificed exchange vs an advanced passed pawn for me. Eventually, a failed combination allowed Paul to cleanly take the game. Mark and Phil had an exciting game which appeared to open up with chances for both sides. Eventually, Phil missed a tactic whilst short on time which allowed Mark to bring his queen in for a mating attack. Graeme was on the back foot for most of the match, but managed to hang on for a rook and pawn ending. Peter eventually offered a draw, although the win was probably on. A tough game and closer than expected!
Report By Lee Crawford

A complete mirror image of the Ilkley B match, as every Polish player who won before lost, and every one who lost before, won. Ridiculous. But at least our season is still alive.
Report by Phil Watson

Ilkley C 3 - 3 Central Laners:
John Seppings started the season with a confident win on board 1. Robin Browne made an uncharacteristic mistake to hand the game to Les Johnson. Peter Ward lost on time when materially up but at a serious positional disadvantage. Arthur Thompson played a solid game to ensure a safe draw and Chris Woodthorpe in his first league game gratefully accepted a draw after just escaping serious time problems.
Report by Peter Ward

Ilkley A 6 - 0 Central Darkhorses: 
A severely depleted Central Darkhorses team travelled to Ilkley after enlisting the help of Mark Symanski & Central Outcasts' Summerland & Mahony. Close games by all made the 6-0 result slightly flattering; with Jon Mahony losing a complex position which he had the better of, only on time trouble; with all other games taken well past the time control. Ilkley pick up where they left off last season and Darkhorses will be looking to bounce back with a full strength side next time out.
Report By John Holiday

Legion of the Damned 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 Bradford Spitfires:
The Bradford Spitfires only had three players to play the match but as this was two teams who got along really well both captains agreed to play the match through. James made a great debut for the home team against the opposition Captain, quickly picking up a few pieces but then finding himself in a position that could have given Will the game. Clever thinking help James out of a tricky position and gave him th game. Charles played his old team mate Steve on board two with nothing more than a book game with Charles with the black pieces finally dropping a pwn which eventually cost him the game. Craig and Ludi's arm wrestle on board 1 was blow for blow brilliant with each player taking a chunk of the other after each attack, leaving Ludi more pawns and 2 rooks and a dark squared bishop against craigs Queen and dark squared bishop and less pawns. A good draw was agreed.
Report by Chaz Wood .